So, I have a thing for mugs. I have real trouble not buying like 10 every time I go out thrifting. In fact, I have my own self imposed rule for mugs (one that I will discuss on my tips page if I ever get it up). I will not pay more than 50 cents for a mug. No matter how much I love it. For me this right away means no mugs from Goodwill, which are $1. Only certain mugs from the Salvation Army, as some are also $1 (although most of them are 50 cents). And many yard-sales are out too. But the thing is that I really don't need any more mugs, so the rule sticks. No matter how much I love a certain mug if it's 51 cents or more, I walk away.

I also have a thing for polka dots (which will become more than evident as time goes on). Which is why I was so excited when I found this lovely mug at my Salvation Army. For the most part they're priced 50 cents for a regular sized mug and $1 for the bigger ones. I was so glad when I turned this one over to discover that it was only 50 cents! It has become my favourite mug (for a long time my favourite one was a lime green one I found at a yard-sale for 10 cents!). It is always the first one I reach for in the cupboard. In fact, I'm sipping my rooibos vanilla tea out if it right now as I type!

You know, I once saw a website dedicated to people's favourite mugs (which I, of course, can not find now). I do remember it saying somewhere that stuff just tastes better in your favourite mug! It's true! This tea is delicious!

Anyone out there have a favourite mug (or do you guys all think I'm crazy for being so in love with it)? Better yet was it a thrifted deal?


I Haven't Abandoned you, I Promise!

Hey, I just wanted to give a quick 'hello' to you guys. I know I've been away, but you see, my dear fiancĂ© has come home sooner than expected. As much as I love the dear blogoshpere, after being apart from each other for about 3 months we have all been enjoying some much needed family time together! I'll be around soon ;)