So, the last thing I really need is more jewellery. Really. I have tons. Not that that have much "real" jewellery, but wearing that stuff always scares me anyway, because I'm terrified I'm going to loose it. My fiance and I went on a little trip to this flea market in our city a couple months ago. It certainly wasn't the best one I've been to, but I did not walk away empty handed. I think we gave ourselves each $30 to spend. I spent a grand total of $3. These bracelets were in little baggies, and cost $1.50 each. They both contained some crap, but they both held enough nice bracelets to make it worth it. I've gotten lots of wear out of them since. It was a bit of a gamble, since you couldn't clearly see what was in each baggie, but I'm glad I got them! The "silver" baggie had an Italian charm bracelet! That took me right back to highschool (not that I ever own one then, but I REALLY wanted one)!


Button Down

So... I have not abandoned ship. Been busy with so many things lately. And will be busy with more in the next little while, but I'm going to try to start posting again.

I know I've mentioned once or twice how much I love my favourite thrift store. It really is too bad it's not a chain, I guess those of us living in Edmonton are just blessed with it (actually, they have 2 locations here! Seriously awesome)!

Here are three button down shirts from three different trips, all from my favourite thrift shop ever. Each of these babies cost me $1. The blue one I just got recently, I only just got it ironed today, so I haven't worn it yet, but I've worn the other 2 several times already and am totally getting my dollar out of each of them.


Bleach! Oh No!

This is one of my very favourite dresses. It's so incredibly comfy and I love how it looks. It is the easiest thing to throw on when it's really hot out. I bought it when I was about 17 at a yard sale for 13.5 cents (I bought it and a t-shirt I never wore for a quarter).  I had my mom take about 8 inches off the bottom because I felt like where the hemline fell really dated the dress. It also happens to be the dress I got engaged in, so I haven't worn it since that engagement got called off, but up until then I wore it all the time. 

One day I foolishly thought I'd clean up an old baby swing without changing into old clothes. Of course I was using bleach, as the swing had been owned by other people before we got it. I thought I cleaned it with no 
mishaps, but imagine my dismay when I saw this a couple hours later:
Bleach! No!
Of Course this was dead centre in the front of my dress. I contemplated giving up on it, as it was si cheap to begin with and I had gotten TONS of wear out of it. Then for a while I wore it with a scarf tied around my waist that covered the spot quite nicely. Quite a while ago though, I saw somewhere (I can't remember where anymore) a tip to use black marker on the bleach stain. Gone! Like magic!

I did find the first few times I washed it the marker washed out a bit and I had to touch it up when it came out. But after doing this a few times it stayed, and now you'd never know there was a bleach stain.

One day I'll wear again my 13.5 cent, once bleach stained dress I love so much!



So, I have a thing for mugs. I have real trouble not buying like 10 every time I go out thrifting. In fact, I have my own self imposed rule for mugs (one that I will discuss on my tips page if I ever get it up). I will not pay more than 50 cents for a mug. No matter how much I love it. For me this right away means no mugs from Goodwill, which are $1. Only certain mugs from the Salvation Army, as some are also $1 (although most of them are 50 cents). And many yard-sales are out too. But the thing is that I really don't need any more mugs, so the rule sticks. No matter how much I love a certain mug if it's 51 cents or more, I walk away.

I also have a thing for polka dots (which will become more than evident as time goes on). Which is why I was so excited when I found this lovely mug at my Salvation Army. For the most part they're priced 50 cents for a regular sized mug and $1 for the bigger ones. I was so glad when I turned this one over to discover that it was only 50 cents! It has become my favourite mug (for a long time my favourite one was a lime green one I found at a yard-sale for 10 cents!). It is always the first one I reach for in the cupboard. In fact, I'm sipping my rooibos vanilla tea out if it right now as I type!

You know, I once saw a website dedicated to people's favourite mugs (which I, of course, can not find now). I do remember it saying somewhere that stuff just tastes better in your favourite mug! It's true! This tea is delicious!

Anyone out there have a favourite mug (or do you guys all think I'm crazy for being so in love with it)? Better yet was it a thrifted deal?


I Haven't Abandoned you, I Promise!

Hey, I just wanted to give a quick 'hello' to you guys. I know I've been away, but you see, my dear fiancĂ© has come home sooner than expected. As much as I love the dear blogoshpere, after being apart from each other for about 3 months we have all been enjoying some much needed family time together! I'll be around soon ;)


Back in the Saddle

So a couple of weeks ago I talked about a few of the things I bought on a thrifting day out. I promised pictures of the rest of the stuff I bought, it's about time you guys got to see some more! I love these glasses because my fiancĂ© and I really like making margaritas and daiquiris, and I may have managed to break all the glasses we used to sip them out of (maybe it's time to think about plastic).

I was a little annoyed because the way this thrift store is set up they had the glasses in one section with all the other random glasses and the bowl in another part with random knickknacks, so I'm glad that I saw the bowl as they're clearly a set!

The way this thrift store sells most little things is 2 for $1 or $1 each. So there was no way I was going to walk out of there with 3 things when I could have 4 for the same price! After some poking around I stumbled on this cute little glass.


I love the colour of the flowers, and I had an immediate use for it. (I also really like the slight taper in towards the top, a slightly different shape).

The glass on the left I bought like a year ago from Dollarama to hold my make-up brushes, eyeliners etc. I think it's cute and all but it's too tall. I always have to tip it over and dig around to find anything in it. My new glass does this job perfectly, it's so much easier to get everything in and out! (And I like the look of it better, I think it has more character).

So, that was a grand total of 2 bucks! I think 2 bucks well spent if you ask me!


Did I fall off the Earth?

So I started this blog with high hopes and good intentions. I've had an (anonymous) blog before, but it didn't take long for it to become a very seldom updated bit of moaning on the web, like so many neglected blogs out there. But this blog I really hoped to be very different. And why should I think that? Because I have a passion for thrifting and deals! This passion is what I truly hoped would lead to far more enthusiasm and content. I right away set out snapping pictures of my finds and mentally writing posts as I went about my day.

Little did I know I created my blog right in the middle of the Blogger crash. So my content disappeared, my comments disappeared, and even worse my whole domain disappeared. I waited and waited for it to come back, but every time Blogger told me "Domain not found, but adventuresinthethrift.com is available to be registered". I waited and waited some more. I watched as my posts and comments came back. I watched as everyone else got back into blogging. I Contacted blogger about the problem. I waited. I never heard back about if I should just re-register or wait until they fixed it.

It's been long enough now, I just decided to go ahead and start fresh. And, now, I'm glad. I like this name better. It's from a Shakespeare quote, and I love it. I imported the 3 posts I had up from the old blog. I deleted the blog. I forgot about the drafts I had ready, but there were only 2, and I'm not too upset that they're gone. They certainly weren't masterpieces or anything

So, hello blogosphere, once more!

Oh, and a little side note, 2 weeks ago I wrote about how I was sad it had become too warm to wear this jacket  . Well I guess it's a total case of 'be careful what you wish for'. It's been cold and yucky the past 3 days. You bet I wore my green jacket though!


What Happened to Spring?

So, we've pretty much moved straight from barely spring weather to nearly summer weather all at once. Which is great, I love the heat and the sun, but it kinda sucks too! What? why oh why would I say that?

Because I was hoping to get to wear this little number way more this spring:

I bought it about a month ago. Again, $1, from the best place in the universe! (seriously, if you're in Edmonton, ask me for the details on this amazing thrift store! It is insanely cheap!). It looks pretty much new. It's from Old Navy. It's such a great spring jacket! But we hardly had any spring weather, it's already warm enough that I'll sweat to death if I try to wear this out!

fun little detail, look at this super cute lining!

Well, I guess it will still be super cute come fall!


A little Taste of What I Procured Today

I hit up my the best place in the universe today, and my nearest Salvation Army. I'm not going to show you everything I got, it was a really great day, and I didn't have time to photograph everything, but all in due time!

These plates are for my son. He loves them! they're nice snack sized plates, which I needed a couple more of, and the fact that they are a lion and a truck? Yeah, pretty much perfect for my little man. And the best part? They were 50¢ each!

This adorable purse was just $1!!! I've been looking for a purse something like this. Most of the time I leave the house I need a diaper bag or a tote, but every now and then I'd like something smaller. Since I lost my absolutely amazing little purse back in Dec, I've been on the look out for one. I want something big enough for my wallet, cell phone, keys, lip chap, and perhaps a couple other small things, but still small, with a strap big enough to go on and off my shoulder easily. This meets all those requirements! I don't know if this one will meet the standard of my "go-to" little purse like my other one did, but for a whole dollar, I figured I really couldn't loose.

I love these straps!

Those were all from the best place in the universe, hence the crazy awesome prices!

This pillow I found at the Salvation Army. It was $4. And I love it! I'm pretty sure that we're going to be buying a cheap-y futon in the next little bit, and I want to put this pillow on it! When I found it in a big bin of pillows I almost let it go, because in a couple weeks the store is going to have a 50% off sale, but I decided that I loved it so much I was willing to pony up the $4. The only thing was that it seemed a tad... understuffed. No problem! There's a zipper! I can open it up and add more stuffing (which I knew I had a bag of at home)!

Small problem there too, the zipper only opened this far. Once again I contemplated leaving it there in the bin and hoping it would still be there come sale time. But I know a few tricks when it comes to sticky zippers, and changed my mind back again, and scooped it up. Once I got home I realized that it was actually bits of the stuffing caught in the zipper that was making it stuck. So I pulled them out and it opened up beautifully. I'm going to wash the case (by hand, there's no tag with wash instructions, and I don't want to ruin my new pillow!), then put the stuffing back in, and add some more! I can't wait!

So there you have it folks, about half of the awesome stuff I got today! With any luck ll have a few spare minutes soon to show you the rest!

Hello Blogosphere

Hell-lo internet! I am Dani, an early 20s mom to a beautiful 2 year old boy. I currently stay home with him, (and love it) but I am hoping to make the transition to part time work very very soon. My dear fiance is a Private in the Canadian forces. I have a passion for "thrifting".

So, I have decided to start up a little something here. I want to chronicle all the amazing finds that find there ways into my hot little hands. There are a million and one reasons to shop second hand, but my favourites are that it can be cheap, sometimes even free. Way cheaper than buying brand new if you find something brand name/high quality/amazing for a great price. Second it's good for the environment. If you are acquiring something second hand then you are not only preventing something from ending up in our gigantic piles of space-eating garbage we call landfills, but you are also getting something for yourself without any extra manufacturing going into it. Third, you can find one-of-a-kind/unusual/quirky things that'd you'd never find in a box store!

I've recently moved to a city, so now my thrift store opportunities are like 100 fold what they were in my hometown. I've already discovered a thrift store that I have deemed the most amazing place in the entire universe! And, now it's spring, so yard sale season is underway, hopefully I'll soon be able to get out and start scouring those, which, I'm sure, will also be far more plentiful and amazing in the city.

I'll post any repainting/otherwise bettering I do to my finds. Hopefully. Not so much hopefully that I'll post, but hopefully I'll actually do these things. I've never done anything like that before, but I've watched my mom do it a hundred times, so we shall see! I already have great plans for a number of pieces we had given to us when we moved in together, but I haven't done any of them yet.

And if I have any outstanding (or even just so-so) tips on living thrifty I'll be sure to pass those along. I don't know how many of those will pop up. Time will tell!

I suppose that's it really.

Let the blogging commence!