So, I have a thing for mugs. I have real trouble not buying like 10 every time I go out thrifting. In fact, I have my own self imposed rule for mugs (one that I will discuss on my tips page if I ever get it up). I will not pay more than 50 cents for a mug. No matter how much I love it. For me this right away means no mugs from Goodwill, which are $1. Only certain mugs from the Salvation Army, as some are also $1 (although most of them are 50 cents). And many yard-sales are out too. But the thing is that I really don't need any more mugs, so the rule sticks. No matter how much I love a certain mug if it's 51 cents or more, I walk away.

I also have a thing for polka dots (which will become more than evident as time goes on). Which is why I was so excited when I found this lovely mug at my Salvation Army. For the most part they're priced 50 cents for a regular sized mug and $1 for the bigger ones. I was so glad when I turned this one over to discover that it was only 50 cents! It has become my favourite mug (for a long time my favourite one was a lime green one I found at a yard-sale for 10 cents!). It is always the first one I reach for in the cupboard. In fact, I'm sipping my rooibos vanilla tea out if it right now as I type!

You know, I once saw a website dedicated to people's favourite mugs (which I, of course, can not find now). I do remember it saying somewhere that stuff just tastes better in your favourite mug! It's true! This tea is delicious!

Anyone out there have a favourite mug (or do you guys all think I'm crazy for being so in love with it)? Better yet was it a thrifted deal?


  1. I've bought a couple of mugs lately too, but yes, having paid $1 for each, I felt a bit of remorse after.

  2. that's a good rule. my weakness is tea cups. I have way too many. I can't buy anymore even if they're 10 cents 'cos there's no more space in the cupboard. Haha..

    Thanks for dropping by my blog with your kind comments!


  3. Mad about Mugs! http://www.madaboutmugs.com/
    It hasn't been updated in a while but I still love looking.


  4. That mug is adorable! I have such a disturbing obsession with mugs too XD I wish I had your restraint, I'm really bad at walking away haha!

  5. I love mugs too! I miss your posts! I hope all is well and that you've had some time with your man!

    Lindsey Turner