Button Down

So... I have not abandoned ship. Been busy with so many things lately. And will be busy with more in the next little while, but I'm going to try to start posting again.

I know I've mentioned once or twice how much I love my favourite thrift store. It really is too bad it's not a chain, I guess those of us living in Edmonton are just blessed with it (actually, they have 2 locations here! Seriously awesome)!

Here are three button down shirts from three different trips, all from my favourite thrift shop ever. Each of these babies cost me $1. The blue one I just got recently, I only just got it ironed today, so I haven't worn it yet, but I've worn the other 2 several times already and am totally getting my dollar out of each of them.


  1. Yay! My comment brought you back! J/K Glad your back!

    Lindsey Turner

  2. No! your comment had a lot to do with it! I've been meaning to get back into it for months, but when I logged on and saw somebody actually said they missed me I was like, well now I HAVE to lol! So glad you're still around after I was gone so long! (:

  3. Love the colour on that blue one.