Did I fall off the Earth?

So I started this blog with high hopes and good intentions. I've had an (anonymous) blog before, but it didn't take long for it to become a very seldom updated bit of moaning on the web, like so many neglected blogs out there. But this blog I really hoped to be very different. And why should I think that? Because I have a passion for thrifting and deals! This passion is what I truly hoped would lead to far more enthusiasm and content. I right away set out snapping pictures of my finds and mentally writing posts as I went about my day.

Little did I know I created my blog right in the middle of the Blogger crash. So my content disappeared, my comments disappeared, and even worse my whole domain disappeared. I waited and waited for it to come back, but every time Blogger told me "Domain not found, but adventuresinthethrift.com is available to be registered". I waited and waited some more. I watched as my posts and comments came back. I watched as everyone else got back into blogging. I Contacted blogger about the problem. I waited. I never heard back about if I should just re-register or wait until they fixed it.

It's been long enough now, I just decided to go ahead and start fresh. And, now, I'm glad. I like this name better. It's from a Shakespeare quote, and I love it. I imported the 3 posts I had up from the old blog. I deleted the blog. I forgot about the drafts I had ready, but there were only 2, and I'm not too upset that they're gone. They certainly weren't masterpieces or anything

So, hello blogosphere, once more!

Oh, and a little side note, 2 weeks ago I wrote about how I was sad it had become too warm to wear this jacket  . Well I guess it's a total case of 'be careful what you wish for'. It's been cold and yucky the past 3 days. You bet I wore my green jacket though!


  1. I love your blog! Losing your blog bites!! I'm a new reader, can't wait to see your blogging treasures!

  2. Why Thank-you and welcome aboard! It'll be lovely to have you along (:

  3. welcome back to blogger and sorry to hear about your posts...I like your green jacket with the cute prints inside. Hope to see more of your thrifted items! It's gonna be fun! Thanks for dropping by my blog and for the follow, I shall be your first follower!


  4. That's awful! I decided to change the look of my blog during the crash and lost it all too! So I know how you feel! Well, I'm glad to hear your back and feeling inspired!

    Lindsey Turner

  5. Such a cute jacket, It's so annoying about the blogger crash, oh well, welcome back to blogging!!

  6. Indeed, the blogger thing was a bit of a draft, but it sounds like it's all back to normal now. some of my deleted comments made their way back!

  7. thank-you everyone (: Thanks so much to my new followers!