What Happened to Spring?

So, we've pretty much moved straight from barely spring weather to nearly summer weather all at once. Which is great, I love the heat and the sun, but it kinda sucks too! What? why oh why would I say that?

Because I was hoping to get to wear this little number way more this spring:

I bought it about a month ago. Again, $1, from the best place in the universe! (seriously, if you're in Edmonton, ask me for the details on this amazing thrift store! It is insanely cheap!). It looks pretty much new. It's from Old Navy. It's such a great spring jacket! But we hardly had any spring weather, it's already warm enough that I'll sweat to death if I try to wear this out!

fun little detail, look at this super cute lining!

Well, I guess it will still be super cute come fall!


  1. OMG, that lining is fabbo! If you ever get tired of the jacket you could take the lining out to use for something else.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I know you have lots of thrifty adventures ahead.

  2. that is the cutest lining!

  3. Great find; love that colour green. Looks like we both find fab dollar deals recently! Thanks for visiting the GQ; will add you to my blogroll for sure!

  4. Thank-you ladies! I never liked green that much growing up, but it's becoming my go to colour!